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  • Too Much Debt  *   Mortgage Concerns   *   Lost my job   *  Need help   *   Worried    *  Free help
  • My phone is ringing   *  I need someone local
  • I need solutions  *  Need a Consumer Attorney  *   Bankruptcy what does it mean?  *  I received a letter  *  Avoiding bankruptcy 
  • You think you were ripped off   *  Someone called and scared me  *  I was threatened  *  I have Questions *  What is Debt Consolidation
  • What is Debt Settlement  *   Not sleeping  *  Save my house   *   Payments are late

For whatever reason you found this website, it is a good reason to call.  We have ways to help consumers, that you would never have imagined.  There is no fee to call and we’ll refund your misery if we can’t help you.  So just give us a call.1103361_telephone_icon_4

The Connecticut Consumer Center (CCC) was created by consumer advocates fighting for the rights of individuals.  Big business and government regulations are making it harder for consumers to uphold their rights in many different consumer transactions.  Consumers need advocates to fight for and empower people with consumer protections, especially in Connecticut.  Every day we hear more and more wrongdoings with the organizations we were raised to trust.  Consumers need to look out for themselves, more than ever.

    Stop feeling like this!

Stop feeling like this!

These transactions stem mainly from Predatory Lending Issues involving Credit Card Debt, Mortgages, Car Purchases, Student Loan Debts, Bank Loans, Payday Loans and many other types of transactions.

Consumers are constantly being challenged by wordy contracts, small print, changing contracts, predatory lending, fraud, discrimination, debt collection, foreclosure, unfair and deceptive business practices, only to name a few.  It’s a constantly changing environment and consumers are at a distinct disadvantage when entering into these types of agreements.The purpose of this organization is to educate Connecticut’s residents and assist these individuals in matters that are in all likelihood, not in favor of the individual.  We are able to relate to the average person and discuss matters in a confidential and meaningful way so as to direct each person to the various solutions that best fit their particular circumstances.

When you call our office, one of our consumer specialists will speak with you about your particular situation. From this information, we can help you determine the best strategy to meet your needs.  Since every person and family, has a different situation and very specific needs, we match you with a strategy.  Not the other way around.  For example, if you call a bankruptcy attorney, they most likely would recommend Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If you call a non-profit consumer credit counseling or debt consolidation company, you will most likely be recommended to pay all your debt back through their company (whom actually works for the banks in disguise).  A debt settlement company is going to offer their settlement solution.  

These debt solutions all have Pro’s and Con’s. Each method is different and will not be right for everyone.  Why not call us and speak about all the solutions.  We have found most people really need a more aggressive approach than they realize.  This is why we offer the Total Solution approach.  We analyze the details of your situation, first on the phone and then in person, to work out a defined strategy.  We have methods not so easily understood at first, but become clear after we speak.  We have consumer attorneys/lawyers available, if you should ever need one for legal advice.  We also recognize attorneys can be expensive and we have ways to help with that as well.  Even if you think you need a bankruptcy attorney, give a call first and we’ll make sure you get the best arrangement.  Want us to contact you ?  Telephone

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